Duvalia immaculata

Duvalia immaculata

Photo by Loukie Viljoen

Duvalia immaculata (C. A. Lückh.) M. B. Bayer ex L. C. Leach in S. African J. Bot. 55: 268 (1989).


Duvalia maculata var. immaculata

A. C. Lückh. in The Stapelieae, ed. 2. 2: 1144 (1937).

Etymology: im- (Lat.) un-, macula (Lat.) - spot; unspotted.

Distribution: South Africa (Western Cape).

Distribution map

Distribution map of Duvalia immaculata (my own records, Meve 1997, Bruyns 2005)

History: Plant was first collected by Mrs. Deborah Susanna van der Bijl. Its two photographs was first published as Duvalia maculata (White & Sloane 1933). They mentioned it as a immaculate form of D. maculata in 1937. Martin Bruce Bayer sugested in 1977 that it was a distinct species. Formaly was raised to specific level in 1989 by Larry Leach.

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