Huernia lavrani

Huernia lavrani

Huernia lavrani L. C. Leach in Excelsa 12: 94 (1986).

Basionim: Huernia lavrani L. C. Leach in Excelsa 12: 94 (1986).

Etymology: John Lavranos, the well known collector from Portugal - the finder of the plant

Distribution: Somalia.

Distribution map

Distribution map of Huernia lavrani (Leach 1988)

History: Huernia lavrani was collected by the Somalia expedition in 1986 under the 'official' number of Lavranos, Carter et al. 24845, 21 Nov. 1986. The members of the expedition were John Lavranos, Seymour Linden, Susan Carter Holmes, Myron Kimnach and Jerry Barad. The plants grew among limestone boulders along the ridge (or better escarpment) overlooking the Gulf of Aden at about 1200 m, north and above of the Galgallo oasis.

Plant was published by Larry Leach in 1986. Peter Bruyns pointed out to include it in H. concinna (2005).

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