Notechidnopsis tessellata

Notechidnopsis tessellata

Photo by Loukie Viljoen

Notechidnopsis tessellata (Pillans) Lavranos & Bleck in Cact. Succ. J. (U. S.) 57 (6): 256 (1985).


Caralluma tessellata

Pillans in Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1933: 187 (1933).


Etymology: tessella (Lat.) - small square stone or tile; made of small square stones or tiles.

Distribution: W South Africa (S Namaqualand).

Distribution map

Distribution map of Notechidnopsis tessellata (my own records, Bruyns 2005)

History: Plant was first discovered by Percy Ross-Frames in October 1929 and described by Neville Pillans as Caralluma tessellata in 1933. Hans Herre recollected it in 1931. Gert Cornelius Nel published Herre's plant as Caralluma serpentina in 1935. Both were moved to genus Echidnopsis by Alain White and Boyd Sloane in 1937. Lavranos and Bleck moved it togerther with E. columnaris to a new genus Notechidnopsis in 1985.

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