Richtersveldia columnaris

Richtersveldia Meve & Liede in Pl. Syst. Evol. 234: 204 (2002).

Type: Richtersveldia columnaris (Nel) Meve & Liede

Etymology: Richtersveld - location of the plant.

Distribution: NW South Africa (Richtersveld).

Distribution map of Richtersveldia

Distribution map of Richtersveldia

Number of species: 1 (Meve & Liede 2002).

History: Plant was first discovered by Rudolf Marloth in 1925 and recollected in 1929 by Hans Herre. Nel described the last material as Trichocaulon columnare in 1933. Dyer and Hardy transfered it to the genus Echidnopsis in 1968, Lavranos and Bleck to Notechidnopsis in 1985 and finally Meve and Liede to Richtersveldia (2002).

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